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Shop one-of-a-kind jewelry that is thoughtfully designed by brilliant women. Learn about jewelry ingredients and how gemstones can create positive social impact by choosing ethically and sustainably sourced jewelry.

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All The Brilliants is a community of women who create thoughtfully designed jewelry. We care about jewelry “ingredients” and positive social impact.


Shop Sapphire Jewelry - made for women by women
Sapphire Donut Necklace
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Sapphire Donut Ring
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Meet the most winning “spectator jewels”:
Emerald, Opal and Pearl!

Find out why they are perfect to “sport” in the grandstands!


Women's Equality Day - EVERY DAY
Sapphire Moon Pendant - Hargreaves Stockholm




A curation of POWER JEWELS designed by brilliant women for brilliant women in celebration of Women’s Equality Day!

Meet a talisWOMAN (or two) by DEBRA NAVARRO!


Get The Skinny On Gemstones

We are available for private GEMSTONE EDUCATION EVENTS


We know where our food comes from and clothes are made - why not our JEWELRY “INGREDIENTS”?

I collaborate with gemstone experts to discuss all things “terroir” and reveal why one gemstone is more valuable than another.