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Meet the Handrings

Meet the Handrings! Go ahead, sparkle in new ways to wear jewelry. Discover a few one-of-a-kind, innovative designs by Nada G Jewelry, Édéenne, Robert Wan, Ortaea London, and D’Joya!

Meet the Handrings

Meet the Handrings! Go ahead, sparkle outside the lines... follow our curation of these dynamic jewels!

Meet the Handrings


Known for her beautifully bespoke “jewelry portraits”, Edeenne's exquisite diamond "Kiss & Fly" Handring is as light and effortless to wear, as butterflies flutter through air. 


Celebrate your inner power with playful Handrings from Ortaea London’s MODE collection. “Ortaea” is derived from the Latin word ‘Ortus’ meaning source or beginning and ‘Gaea’ who is the Greek Goddess of Earth and Creation. Be fiercely divine from day to to night!

Robert Wan Tahitian Pearl Handring


Because the world is your oyster, you wear Robert Wan’s sustainable Tahitian Pearls however you want! This Handring from the Adelya Collection absolutely hits the mark... 

D'Joya Enchanted Garden Handring


No one tells stories through jewelry like D’Joya and this Handring is as epic as the storyteller who inspired it: Edgar Allan Poe! It pays homage to the Enchanted Garden at the Museum dedicated to his legacy and his influential muse, Sarah Elmira Royster. The ring, in full bloom with carved flowers and mythological creatures, covers two fingers that symbolize his engagement to her twice. “There is no exquisite beauty… without some strangeness in the proportion.” Amen Edgar!


Lebanese Nada G Jewelry's Fuse Wrist Bands are every bit as dynamic as this unique hybrid jewel that is the Handring!

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