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#Love is mysterious and unique - and the reason a certain ring embodies something personally profound and beautiful for the person who wears it. Meet #TheEngagements: a celebration of unconventional (and a few conventional) #jewels and their dynamic expressions of love.


Love is uniquely mysterious and wonderful - and the reason a certain ring embodies something personally profound and beautiful for the person who wears it! Meet the Engagements: a celebration of unconventional (and a few conventional) jewels and their dynamic expressions of love.

22K Gold Bead Band
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One of the most magical life experiences is when two become one. If there is a material that manifests this, it is the beauty and purity of 22 karat gold in the hands of Loren Nicole. Like all of her jewelry, this handmade ring of solid yellow gold beads is one-of-a-kind.

As 22 karat is a softer metal, it builds up marks, shapes to your finger and picks up your history. It literally becomes a part of you, like the person who joins you on this wonderful journey called life... may it also be eternally golden!

P.S. Loren’s beads are made from scraps collected from her other projects... what is not to love about recycling recycled gold!?!?

Positive Luxury Butterfly Mark


Say “YES!” to color with Luca Jouel’s dreamy ‘Laetus’ collection of one-of-a-kind sapphire rings!

Tereena combines dreamy colored stones with her signature floral motif. One is her “Lavender Jardin” ring features a 1.58 carat natural, un-heated violet sapphire set in 18 carat gold band. Her “Siren Sapphir” is a luscious 1.36 carat bluish-green natural sapphire set in a fancy detailed platinum chenier with an 18 carat gold band.

All of her jewelry “ingredients” are legitimately ethically sourced in every way, which is why her jewels are awarded the @PositiveLuxury Butterfly Mark... 


Why do I love Hargreaves Stockholm’s eternity ring?

Because Jemina thoughfully provides the choice to say “yes” to responsibly sourced diamonds from Mother Nature, or “yes” to diamonds from above ground using solar technology. Her “Commitment Fredag“ ring can be set in 18 carat fairmined eco white gold or Swedish red gold.

I am also smitten with Jemima’s design signature is Scandinavian simplicity and clean lines imbued with her Viking heritage!


Love breaks all the rules, as do Makova Jewelry's cheeky #MarryMe earrings!

Instead of proposing with a ring, why not earrings?

Marianna has a brilliant affinity for transformative jewelry. The idea here is to pop the question with earrings featuring a diamond of choice (any size, shape, etc.), which can then be transformed into a thoughtfully designed bespoke engagement ring...

Would you say YES?

Debra Navarro Engagement Rings


Love is the most natural thing in the world - pure and simple. Everything about Debra Navarro's work is all about this and her Sand Pave bands of natural diamonds set in 18 karat recycled gold could not be more lovely!

Another thing to love? Debra's work is creating positive change in the world! With every purchase, 5% will go to the The Gem Legacy - an organization supporting education, vocational training, and local economies in East African mining communities, helping them thrive.


Dubini Jewelley is a dynamic marriage of classic elegance and modern edginess, which is why these Iolite and Rubellite rings are epic as engagement rings!

Benedetta's love for cultural heritage is infused in her thoughtful designs and her jewelry is crafted using ancient Roman techniques. Another thing to love is that the rings are inspired by Empress Theodora - a courageous Power Woman who championed Women’s Rights during the rise of the Byzantine Empire. Clearly, so much to love!

Dina Kamal Alternative Engagement Ring


The essence of love - two becoming one - is literally entwined in Dina Kamal’s Torsade diamond pave ring. Dina Kamal has a potent passion for minimalist, architectural forms that has us at hello.


Love is like one giant firework of energy, color, light, and wonder... just like Le Ster Jewellery’s Pop Art inspired pieces!

Aishleen’s “Zadie” ring is sensational as an engagement ring because it is a celebration of individuality as well as a reminder to “light up the skies” with love.

Daou Jewellery Photon Ring


Love, light and magnetism are beautiful forces that bring two people together. Daou Jewellery celebrates the foundation of this dynamic creation with her Photon diamond ring - informed by her physics background and her family’s celebrated jewelry heritage.

Kristin Hanson Wav Eternity Ring


Say “YES” to love and color with Kristin Hanson’s divine Wav Rings. Her jewels playfully couple fancy color diamonds with her two great passions: pop art and nature.

Luca Jouel wedding rings bearing Positive Luxury Butterfly Mark


Love is precious and kind - as are Luca Jouel’s eternally lovely rings. In all ways, materials are legitimately ethically sourced, which is why her jewels are awarded the Positive Luxury Butterfly Mark.

Ornella Iannuzzi Diamond Engagement Ring


Epic love has depth - the same way Ornella Iannuzzi’s Les Coralline diamond ring celebrates the breathtaking deep sea landscapes of coral reefs.

Hartmanns colored diamond ring


Love is boundless. And as @Hartmanns_Official exquisitely demonstrates with this green and purple jewel, so are the variations of colored diamonds! 

Maya Selway Eternity Rings


@MayaSelway has luminous thoughts on eternal love with her rings that marry unexpected jewel colors with delicate textures and tones of gold. We are beyond smitten with her unusual Gold Dust Fusing technique: jewels are strewn and bound with precious gold dust!

Zaffiro Diamond Engagement Ring


Fittingly, our final engagement ring was created by husband and wife, Jack and Elizabeth Gualtieri. We love everything about this ring: the diamond (selected for it’s “personality”), the granulation, and @ZaffiroJewelry’s affinity for the artistic legacy of ancient Etruscans. Video by @Diamond_Runway

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