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Mary Anning Power Woman

A celebration of extraordinary Power Women throughout time, a jewel or significant artifact of her era, and a modern interpretation of this narrative in jewelry.

Mary Anning
Mary Anning


Mary Anning (1799 – 1847) is known for discovering ichthyosaurus and plesiosaurus skeletons in the cliffs of Dorset, England. Why does this make her a #PowerWoman? Because the Jurassic fossils she uncovered changed science and the dialogue explaining the history of the earth. Despite being self taught in geology, paleontology, anatomy and scientific illustration, the academic community sought her out:

“...she has made herself so thoroughly acquainted with the science that the moment she finds any bones she knows to what tribe they belong. She fixes the bones on a frame with cement and then makes drawings and has them engraved... It is certainly a wonderful instance of divine favour - that this poor, ignorant girl should be so blessed, for by reading and application she has arrived to that degree of knowledge as to be in the habit of writing and talking with professors and other clever men on the subject, and they all acknowledge that she understands more of the science than anyone else in this kingdom.”

- Lady Harriet Silvester, 1824. 

Painting by B. J. Donne @Natural_History_Museum

Lyme Regis in Dorset by Matt Pinner


Like many 18th Century disadvantaged locals on the Dorset coast of England, Mary’s family would supplement their income by collecting and selling shells and fossils to well-heeled tourists. Guess who inspired the tongue-twister: “She sells seashells on the seashore”? It was our brilliant Power Woman Mary Anning.  

The “Jurassic Coast” is now a #UnescoWorldHeritage site and protected by the Jurassic Coast Trust. Follow at @UnescoWorldHeritage and @JurassicCoastOfficial.

Incredible travel photographer @Matt_Pinner captured this ethereal sunrise at Ammonite Graveyard at Lyme Regis in Dorset.

Trilobite Earrings by Feral Jewelry


@FeralJewelry marries the wild and the brilliant, the precious and the raw. Their natural beauty powerfully connect us to the eternal - and it does not get more eternal than fossils! Millions of years in the making, these ancient trilobite earrings are unmistakably modern, set off with with black and white diamonds. Much like Mary Anning, Susan’s jewels are fearless statements of strength, beauty and wonder about our wild world.

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