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Cleopatra Dubini

A celebration of extraordinary Power Women throughout time, a jewel or significant artifact of her era, and a modern interpretation of this narrative in jewelry.

Meet Cleopatra
Cleopatra Power Woman Painting by John William Waterhouse


Happy International Women's Day! Today we pay tribute to Cleopatra, an international #PowerWoman of many faces: scheming seductress, ruthless politician, accomplished intellectual and survivor. Egyptian sources relay she was a ruler “who elevated the ranks of scholars and enjoyed their company.” According to Plutarch her beauty was “not altogether incomparable,” and what made her desirable was her smooth voice and “irresistible charm”. She was educated in mathematics, philosophy, oratory, astronomy and spoke about a dozen languages. Most important, she was a young woman who took on men that ruled the Roman Empire. Her suicide was also a statement: the royal snake of Egypt was the cobra, whose bite granted eternal life. While Macedonian by origin, she achieved immortality the Egyptian way.

Painting by John William Waterhouse

Cleopatra Coin from the British Museum


Cleopatra, born in 69 BC in Alexandria, Egypt, viewed herself as a “living goddess” and had a flair for creating drama on every level. One could even consider her an international 1st Century BC influencer. Roman women were adopting the “Cleopatra look” - from her pearl jewelry to exotic hairstyle. Contrary to Hollywood’s interpretation, historians believe the accurate representation of her “style”, as found on coins and statues, show her hair pulled back in a bun and wearing a flat “diadem” (a piece of plain white cloth) symbolizing Macedonian kingship. Consider the next time you wear a bun, you are channeling your inner Cleopatra!

This coin can be found at @BritishMuseum

Dubini Artemis Medallion


On International Women's Day, we celebrate @Dubini_Jewellery’s incredible Artemis Medallion! Based in London and handcrafted in Rome, Dubini’s one-of-a-kind pieces blend Italian techniques with coins from ancient cultures (Greek, Roman, Persian and beyond) into distinctively feminine, modern jewels. This authentic Macedonian coin is spectacularly set in 18 carat gold with bullet amethyst, garnet, topaz, citrine and peridot cabochons. 

Artemis, depicted with bow and quiver, is the Greek goddess of the hunt, wild animals and wilderness. She is the protector of childbirth, virginity, young girls, and bringing and relieving disease in women. While this Artemis coin was minted about 168 - 148 BC, a century later, coins depicting Cleopatra echo this venerated Macedonian style of bun and flat “diadem”. A beautiful “sisterhood” of international #PowerWomen truly thrives though Benedetta’s brilliant jewelry!

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