All The Brilliants


Welcome to The Brilliants. A community of niche jewelers and change makers. Follow our celebration of extraordinary women (past and present) who create jewelry and meaningful change in the world. Jewelry has always been a reflection of what is of meaning and value to our ancestors, as it can be and is for us today.


I'm Melissa Dusenberry, the founder and creative director of All The Brilliants. My creative curiosity, love for jewelry, passion for cultural history and commitment to social impact are the sparks behind All The Brilliants.

All The Brilliants is a “community” of niche jewelry designers and changemakers - women creating meaningful change in the world. The reason for bringing these two groups together is to demonstrate how jewelry can be a reflection of what is of meaning and value to the wearer, as it was to our ancestors - and to restore that connection.

Creating good in the world is more important than ever. I very much believe that girls and women are powerful agents of positive change. My mission is to cultivate relationships with jewelry designers, social entrepreneurs, and other dynamic organizations who share this ethos of supporting women to ensure our world becomes a better place - for everyone.

If you would like to collaborate with All The Brilliants in creating meaningful change, I would love to connect with you!