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Welcome to All The Brilliants and kindly note our Terms & Conditions. We are a community of niche jewelers and change-makers. Follow our celebration of extraordinary women (past and present) who create jewelry and meaningful change in the world. Jewelry has always been a reflection of what is of meaning and value to our ancestors, as it can be and is for us today.


Please note the Terms and Conditions (“Terms”, and “Terms and Conditions”) of website operated by All The Brilliants, LLC.

By accessing and purchasing products and services from All The Brilliants, LLC you are entering and agreeing to compliance of a legally binding agreement with our company. These Terms and Conditions apply to all visitors who access or use the services.


An agreement for All The Brilliants, LLC (“Seller”) to sell products and services to you (“Purchaser”) is made when we accept your order. The description of goods, price and applicable tax are agreed on between Purchaser and Seller when the order is placed. The Sellers charge for transport, packaging, freight and/or insurance will be included in the final invoice upon shipment and is the responsibility of the Purchaser.

For designers bases outside the US, the Purchaser is responsible for any customs duties and taxes (such as VAT) charged by your destination country in addition to the item price and shipping charges. Note that shipping delays due to customs are outside of our control.

The placement of an order of any kind is a binding agreement.

We reserve the right to refuse or cancel your order at any time for reasons including but not limited to: product or service availability, errors in pricing or description of product or service, error in your order, fraud, unauthorized or illegal transaction, or other reasons.


Shipping and delivery times vary depending on the state (or possibly country) of the designer and time it may take to clear customs. We aim to email you within 24 hours to notify you of estimated delivery time and details. Designers and purchasers located in the US will take between 2 - 7 business days to ship. Certain items may have a longer lead time, but this will be communicated within 24 hours.

Please note that all bespoke or customized jewelry can take 4 - 6 weeks to create and you will receive email updates with progress or any unanticipated delays.


All jewelry items will be thoroughly examined and documented by All The Brilliants prior to shipping to you.

Our aim is to provide access to one-of-a-kind or limited edition jewelry from highly skilled independent designers with a unique signature. Accordingly the pieces are thoughtfully well crafted with quality materials.

All The Brilliants, LLC is not responsible for damaged or lost jewelry once the piece is delivered. 


Please note that robust wear and care guidance is available for specific gemstones outlined in “The Skinny on Gemstones” education initiative.


Should you have questions about the above Terms, please contact us.