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Sappho Daou Jewellery

A Power Woman narrative celebrating Sappho, a jewel related to her time, and modern variation on that jewel by Daou Jewellery.

Sappho Power Woman
Sappho Power Women


It’s Valentines Day and a perfect reason to celebrate #PowerWoman and poetess Sappho! Born in Lesbos, Greece around 615 BC, she was critically acclaimed in her time and ran a school for unmarried women devoted to the cult of Aphrodite and Eros. We know little about her, possibly because religious forces were compelled to destroy the work of a “sex-crazed whore who sings of her own wantonness”. Thankfully, glimpses of her “sublime” literary style that honors (or subverts) conventions of marriage, love and sexuality survive. Her poetry about Eros spoke equally to men and women. Lesbian or not, it is wonderful to think of Sappho as member of an ancient sisterhood of Feminists!

This fresco from Pompeii, dated 55-79 AD, is a portrait of a girl from a cultured, wealthy family. While there is no reference to her identity, she became known as Sappho, merely because the girl is holding tablets and a stylus. We LOVE her all the same! @MuseoArcheologicoNapoli @UnescoWorldHeritage

Eros Earrings


While Sappho woos with words, a few centuries later, Eros enjoys quite a vogue in gold. These dangling earrings are so finely detailed that they are truly elaborate sculptures in miniature. Eros, the bow and arrow wielding child of Aphrodite, is the Greek god of desire, promising love and beauty. Such Eros earrings were likely a 4th Century BC wardrobe staple and may have been worn as amulets. Delicately attached to the exquisite wings are small torsos, interpreted as sexual charms. Excellent for Valentines Day!

@DallasMuseumArt has an extensive collection of ancient gold jewelry, well worth seeing!

Daou Jewellery Phoenix Ear Climbers


While these @DaouJewellery Phoenix Ear Climbers are inspired by a mythological bird, rather than a mythological boy, we are enamored with the shared feather theme for good reason! They are a reworking of a heritage Daou design from the 70s, once described as ‘Wonder Woman earrings’ - and we love all things strong and feminine. Like Eros, they have the power to transform. In this case, they can be worn flowing upwards along the ear or downwards showing off their alluring curves. Strong, feminine, and "sublime" like Sappho!

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