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Power Woman Narratives

A celebration of extraordinary Power Women throughout time, a jewel or significant artifact of her era, and a modern interpretation of this narrative in jewelry.

Meet Our Power Women

Below is a celebration of extraordinary Power Women throughout time, a jewel or artifact that relates to her, and a modern interpretation of this narrative in jewelry.



Underestimated for her quiet “mousey” demeanor, Rose Valland (1898 - 1980) is a #PowerWoman for her courage and cleverness as a World War II art hero whose saved countless art treasures that we all enjoy today. She was one of the few “Monuments Women” among the 345 “Monuments Men” from various nations who served in the Monuments, Fine Arts, and Archives (MFAA). And she was an art spy!

For years, Rose risked her life in meticulously thwarting theNazi’s massive art looting scheme that passed through the @JeudePaumeParis. Through eavesdropping (she was secretly fluent in German) and memorizing the inventory of paintings, sculptures, furniture, jewelry, gemstones and beyond, she passed information to the French Resistance and was critical to James Rorimer's success in recovering looted treasures hidden in multiple repositories (castles to salt mines).

Following the war, she spent the rest of her life advocating for the restitution of artworks and objects to the rightful owners and received many honors including: the Legion of Honor, the Medal of the Résistance, the Officer’s Cross of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany, Commander of the Order of Arts and Letters by the French government, and the United States Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1948. In 1953 she received the long overdue and much-deserved title of “curator”.

Thank you to @RobertEdsel for writing the incredible book “Monuments Men”, and “introducing” us to this extraordinary woman!


In honor of Rose Valland, The French postal service, @LeGroupeLaPoste, recently released a lovely stamp of her superimposed “in her element” at the @JeudePaumeParis. For much of her life, she was denied the title of “curator”, in spite of her credentials and commitment to art because of her humble origin.

We owe so much gratitude to Rose for saving so many cultural treasures.

She is an inspiration reminding us to remain courageous and that we, as women, are more than capable of creating good in the world - even during very dark times.


Contrary to what many people believed about Rose Valland, she was NOT a wallflower. She was a brave, bold and brilliant art spy for the French resistance during World War II - and obviously a #PowerWoman!

Much like Rose’s unexpected qualities, @OrnellaIannuzzi’s work is focused on the character of stones, as well as on the details of their crystallization or inclusions. If there was ever a jewel meant to celebrate how awesome Rose Valland was, Ornella’s Fleur de Cristal black opal ring is it. Not only does it combine unexpected forces of nature (the mineral and the vegetal), but it is made of rose gold!

Cynisca or Kyneska
440 BC
First woman in history to win at the Ancient Olympic Games

Ancient High Status
Horse Buckles

Horse Hair Jewels

Ada Lovelace
1815 - 1852
First computer programmer
Painting by Margaret Sarah Carpenter

Analytical Engine
@ScienceMuseum (London)
@ComputerHistory (California)

Spark Cluster earrings

Lady Mary Wortley Montagu
1689 - 1762
Travel writer and
inoculation advocate

Imperial Ottoman aigrette @Sothebys

Sapphire Hair Pin

Mary Anning
1799 – 1847
Paleontologist, geologist, anatomist and scientific illustrator

Ammonite Graveyard
at Lyme Regis in Dorset (England)

Trilobite Earrings

Mythical Queen of Lydia
(and her "boy toy" Hercules)

Ancient Omphale and Hercules intaglio and cameo
@MFABoston and @MetMuseum

Omphale and Hercules
intaglio pendants @LorenNicoleJewelry
and @LalaRagimov

Hellenistic astronomer, mathematician, philosopher and beyond (350 - 415 AD)
Drawing by Jules Maurice Gaspard

A former Sotheby's auction item
Al-Andalus (Spain)
1020 AD

Sun Pendant

Suzanne Belperron
1900 - 1983
Jewelry Designer

Knight of the Légion d’Honneur

"Corne" Earring Clips

Catherine the Great
Empress of Russia from 1762 - 1796
Painting by Fyodor Rokotov

Bow Diamond Necklace
commissioned between 1760 and 1780

Bow Jewelry

Queen of Egypt 69 - 30 BC
Painting by John William Waterhouse

Cleopatra coin
1st Century BC

Artemis Medallion Pendant

Poetess and educator around 615 BC
Pompeii fresco 55-79 AD
@MuseoArcheologicoNapoli @UnescoWorldHeritage

Eros Earrings
4th Century BC

Phoenix Ear Climbers

Greek physician and first female medical book author
“Parturition Scene” from Ostia, Italy (400 BC - 300 AD) @ScienceMuseum in London

Gold Amulet
Byzantine and Christian Museum in Athens

Forbidden Fruits Earrings

Ancient Minoan Women

Gold Carved Signet Ring
1500 - 1200 BC

Diamond Pinky Signet Ring

Dame Zaha Hadid
Architect, First Female Winner of the
Pritzker Architecture Prize (and many more)

"Tela" Shelving

Earrings Inspired by "Tela" Shelving

First Named Author in History

Lapis Lazuli  & Gold Leaf Necklace
2600 BC

Fair Trade Lapis Lazuli Earrings

Amazon Women
Tribe of Women Warriors (not a myth!)

Sarmatian Brooch
100 BC

The Uprising

Empress Theodora
Basilica of San Vitale

Byzantine Brooch

Fulco di Verdura Theodora Brooch