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Discover a collection of special jewels, created by extraordinary women, who are committed to worthy causes. As you will read below, each jewel relays her personal journey or connection to a mission, with proceeds benefitting that charity. 

Jewelry and Philanthropy

Discover a collection of special jewels, created by extraordinary women, who are committed to worthy causes. As you will read below, each jewel relays her personal journey or connection to a mission, with proceeds benefitting that charity. 



"Ribbon for Hope" brooch is a jewel of hope and a symbol that represents a global community in the fight against cancer: doctors, researchers, volunteers and patients. Emanuela created Ribbon for Hope following her personal fight and recovery from breast cancer in 2017. Like many Margherita Burgener jewels, it is handmade of titanium and diamonds - but all the more beautiful, as it is also a fundraising tool supporting the Women's Cancer Center at the European Institute of Oncology (IEO) in Milan. All proceeds of Ribbon for Hope sales are donated to the center's integrated clinical and research programs of the Senology and Gynecology. The aim is 360 degree patient care in one place for prevention, early diagnosis, treatment and therapeutic follow-up. Through the program, patients have access to innovative therapies, early clinical trials and the SHARP research program.

The strategy behind SHARP is to be a "GPS" guide in metastatic breast cancer. Just as GPS locates you and identifies the best route to your destination, SHARP aims to identify 'breakdowns' (genetic mutations) and maps the routes cancer cells take to invade other organs and create metastases. Once the cancer cell map is known, doctors can more effectively strategize the best ways to block and kill cancer cells. The clinical data and biological samples are collected from the patients participating in the program and the DNA is studied using molecular screening techniques. Through this, cancer is characterized on the genetic level, informing how to proceed with treatment.

One can DONATE any amount directly to the Women's Cancer Center. 

Margherita Burgener would be delighted to create custom ribbons for individuals or charities, with proceeds benefiting your charity and the Women's Cancer Center at IEO. 

To learn more detail on Ribbon for Hope jewels, kindly contact us with interest.

European Institute of Oncology


This spectacular Pop Art inspired jewel is infused with an important purpose: to draw attention to the illegal ivory trade. Kristin Hanson's one-of-a-kind donut leather choker, "an ode to Wayne Thiebaud", is made of a hand-carved Tagua Nut frosted with 100% recycled platinum and lab-grown diamonds “sprinkled” with sapphires. It is a tribute to the godfather of  Pop Art, while brilliantly combining Avant Garde design and environmental sustainability.

A percentage of proceeds benefit Mount Kenya Trust, an organization established to preserve and protect the forests of Mount Kenya from illegal human-induced activities that threaten its very existence.

Given the recent tragic shifts in regulation and transport of "trophies", supporting conservation efforts is more important than ever.

One can DONATE any amount to Mount Kenya Trust from anywhere in the world.

Kindly contact us with interest.

Loren Nicole Philanthropy Jewel


Loren Nicole's jewel is imbued with a few of our favorite things: Jewelry, History and Horses. Loren was lured from studying and conserving our ancient cultural treasures (literally from the trenches of Central and South America to The Met) to pursue a passion for metal smithing. More specifically, learning those techniques of our ancient ancestors that she now translates into elegant, comfortable jewelry. There is nothing like the warm glow of high carat yellow gold, mingled with the wonders of our past, that her jewels evoke. Throughout civilization, horses powered our lives and imagination. Loren so thoughtfully honors this special connection by donating 30% of the sales of her horsehair pieces [Loren, glad to word this accordingly]  to animal relief funds in Ventura and San Diego Counties. This fundraising effort will support the facilities caring for animals that have lost their homes (be it fires, neglect or any reason) by way of the Humane Society of Ventura County.

One can DONATE any amount to the Humane Society of Ventura County.

Kindly contact us with interest.



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One can DONATE any amount to the Wildlife Waystation.

Kindly contact us with interest.