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Meet the WISH List

Meet our WISH List: jewels that give back! A percentage of sales on these jewels will benefit a worthy charity. Get excited to sparkle inside and out!


Meet our #WISHList: jewels that give back! A percentage of sales on these jewels will benefit a worthy charity. Get excited to sparkle inside and out!

Kristin Hanson an ode to Wayne Thiebaud


Our first WISH List jewel is infused with an important purpose: to draw attention to the illegal ivory trade. @KristinHanson's one-of-a-kind donut leather choker, "an ode to Wayne Thiebaud", is made of a hand-carved Tagua Nut frosted with 100% recycled platinum and lab-grown diamonds “sprinkled” with sapphires. It is a tribute to the godfather of  Pop Art, while brilliantly combining Avant Garde design and environmental sustainability. A percentage of proceeds benefit @MountKenyaTrust, an organization established to preserve and protect the forests of Mount Kenya from illegal human-induced activities that threaten its very existence.

Von Urbanovsky EMBRACELET


For him, we have a notable WISH List jewel from @VonUrbanovsky that gives back. Sustainability, patience, passion and craft are the values imbued in every meticulous detail of this pearl EMBRACELET. Because luxury is never about speed, Von Urbanovsky takes time to create their simply elegant made-to-measure jewels. Only 12 EMBRACELETs per year are handcrafted in German workshops by highly skilled artisans, using only the finest materials: sustainable 18 karat white gold from Finland and Tahitian Black #Pearls perfectly matched in size, shape, color, luster and quality. Von Urbanovsky will donate 10% of the sale to your preferred charity - a beautiful way to contribute to positive change in the world.

Loren Nicole Jewelry Horse Hair Jewel


A few of our Favorite Things: Jewelry, History and Horses... and the reasons why @LorenNicoleJewelry's new horse hair jewelry is on our WISH List. Loren was lured from studying and conserving our ancient cultural treasures (literally from the trenches of Central and South America to The Met) to pursue a passion for metal smithing. More specifically, learning those techniques of our ancient ancestors that she now translates into elegant, comfortable jewelry. There is nothing like the warm glow of high carat yellow gold, mingled with the wonders of our past, that her jewels evoke. Throughout civilization, horses powered our lives and imagination. Loren so thoughtfully honors this special connection by donating 30% of the sales of her new horsehair pieces to animal relief funds in Ventura and San Diego counties. This fundraising effort will support the facilities caring for animals that have lost their homes in the fires by way of the @HumaneSociety of Ventura County and California Thoroughbred Horsemen’s Foundation.

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