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Meet the Slices

Meet the Slices! Be they diamond, emerald or petrified wood, get smitten with Mother Nature’s inspired artwork - especially her perfect imperfections called “inclusions”.

Meet the Slices

Meet the Slices! Be they diamond, emerald or petrified wood, we are smitten. Discover a few of our favorites from dynamic women designers!

Kristin Hanson Diamond Slice Pendant with Colored Diamonds


In some ways, gemstones are like us. They have “inclusions”, which are very similar to birthmarks - and unique to each gemstone. A beautiful way to see this phenomenon is through slices of rough diamonds! Kristin Hanson celebrates this natural wonder with her one-of-a-kind pendants of a diamond slice, delicately surrounded by an array of natural champagne diamonds. Cheers to the “imperfections” that make make us extraordinary!

Ornella Iannuzzi Emerald Slices Earrings


Among the many breathtaking qualities about Ornella Iannuzzi's work is the way she transforms unusual stones into the most gorgeous avant garde jewels. In this case, she delights us with rare trapiche (spoked wheel) emerald slice earrings from her L'Exceptionnelle collection, set in 18karat yellow gold with diamonds. P.S. I'm way more than smitten...

Katherine Parr Watermelon Tourmaline


It would not be summer without watermelon... and for the Slices, that absolutely includes watermelon tourmaline! These deliciously colorful jewels are by Katherine Parr, whose collections are created with an ethical and sustainable ethos. 

Petrified Wood Cuff Feral Jewelry


Fancy a slice of raw glamour? Yes, please to Feral Jewelry’s striking fossilized wood cuff, polished with a slight cabochon finish. Like the diamonds that surround it, we can thank pressure over time for transforming this palm wood into stone. Mother Nature never ceases to amaze!

Luca Jouel Diamond Slice Necklaces


Feminine, ornate, organic and bold. These are the reasons we are drawn to Luca Jouel’s diamond slice necklaces! We also love that Tereena works only with materials that are legitimately ethically sourced - and why her jewels are awarded the Positive Luxury Butterfly Mark

Deeta Thakural Diamond Slice Earrings


I discovered Deeta Thakural’s incredible jewels over one of those awesome girls weekends for the ages! We were immediately taken with Deeta’s Slices and their organic splendor. These earrings celebrate perfection and imperfection - and while we show the world our polished side, we cherish our raw one too.

Cheers to that, ladies!

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