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Meet the Resolutions

It’s the New Year - and time to declare your resolutions! Manifest your vision of how brilliant your new year will be with the jewel you wear...


It’s the New Year - and time to declare your resolutions! Manifest the vision of your new year with the jewel you wear. Will it be passion? Calm? Love? Happiness? Designers Nada G, Nuun Jewels, Lorenz Baumer, Luca Jouel, D'Joya, and Makova Jewelry all have brilliant ideas!

Nada G Resolutions


Resolve to have, color, happiness and positive energy in 2018! This is exactly the inspiration behind Nada G Jewelry’s “Resolutions” collection. Be it bracelet, ring, handring, earrings, or necklace, stand out and be brilliant!

Nuun Jewels Tuwaiq


Resolve in 2018 to have Calm and Inner Peace with NuunnJewels and the powerful properties of Howlite. Designer Nourah Al Faisal’s Tuwaiq collection is inspired by the cracked soil of the Deserts of Saudi. Howlite’s natural beauty will heighten awarness, creativity and contentment. 

Lorenz Baumer Passion Ring


Manifest your destiny by spelling it out in gold and diamonds via visionaire Lorenz Baumer. Resolve to have and create passion in all ways in 2018 - and put a ring on it!

Luca Jouel Lampein pendants


Resolve to Shine in 2018 with Luca Jouel’s lovely Lampein pendants. “Lampein” is of Greek orgin and it means “to shine” The delicate design is inspired by old world Moroccan lanterns and set with petite gemstones. In all ways, Luca Jouel’s materials are legitimately Ethically Sourced, which is why her jewels have been awarded the Positive Luxury Butterfly Mark. A reason to shine even brighter!

D'Joya Celebrating Life


Resolve to celebrate Life, Personal Growth, Nature and Beauty in 2018. D’Joya’s timeless necklace is "Celebrating Life" with animals intricately carved in 12 jade balls, woven together with poplar tree branches.

Makova Jewelry Cocktail Brooches


Our final New Year jewels are both a toast and a resolution! With Makova Jewelry’s spectacular Blue Lagoon (topaz, diamonds and pearl garnish) and Sex On The Beach (garnets, sapphires and citrine) brooches, we raise a toast in support of the #TimesUp movement - we believe and BELIEVE IN you! These jewels also serve as a resolution to celebrate friendship, love, happiness, and life in the New Year... cheers!    

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