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Meet the Bridal Party

As our hearts are full after the #Wedding that will change the world, we’re channeling this glow into sharing a few uniquely special jewels for the #Bride, #Groom, #Bridesmaids and #MotherOfTheBride... follow along!

Meet the Bridal Party

As our hearts are full after the #Wedding that will change the world, we’re channeling this glow into sharing a few uniquely special jewels for the Bride, Groom, Bridesmaids and MotherOfTheBride... follow along!

Dubini Iolite Earrings


Benedetta’s designs are a dynamic marriage of classic elegance and modern edginess, which is why these Theodora iolite drop earrings are eternally beautiful from this day forward!

Benedetta's love for cultural heritage is infused in her thoughtful designs and her jewelry is crafted using ancient Roman techniques... so much to love!


For the bride: something(s) blue!

Just like a wedding day Jolly Bijou’s, designs are joyful, imbued with light, femininity, and fun. These jewels are but a hint of her thoughtfully crafted Otto collection.

As for “something blue”: the earrings are London blue topaz and the bracelet is sapphire in 14k rose gold.

Feral Jewelry Cufflinks


An unbridled jewel for the “boho groom”: cufflinks!

What I love most about Susan’s jewelry is her visionary, bold mash-up of the wild and the brilliant, the precious and the raw. Susan’s jewelry “ingredients” connect us to the eternal mysteries of nature - in this case, naturally shed antler tips with black diamonds.

Daou Jewellery Kisses Necklace and Earrings


For the MaidOfHonor: "Kisses" for the best friend who has always been on your side and by your side, as she is on your wedding day - and every day thereafter! @DaouJewellery’s diamond and gold "Sparks" dazzle in multiple forms as mix and match earrings, necklaces and rings. She is sure to feel loved every time she wears them!

Zaffiro Trapiche Sapphire Cufflinks


Something blue... for the groom!

Love is uniquely mysterious and wonderful - and Zaffiro Jewelry's trapiche sapphire cufflinks are absolutely that!


For the modern bride: diamonds with a modern, goddessey twist!

The name “Ortaea” is a fusion of “Ortus” Latin for beginning and “Gaea” Greek Goddess of Earth and Creation. Mita Vohra, the woman behind the brand, draws inspiration from nature, history and the wonders of the universe to create pieces that celebrate the power, style, and strength of women.

A dynamic jewel be divine in on this day and every day forward!

Jo Thorne Hairpin


Here comes the hair jewel! Be it hairpin or tiara, @JoThorneStudio is restoring hair jewels to their former glory as fine jewelry icons. Jo’s “Passion Flower” pieces of green sapphire and gold are evidence she is succeeding beautifully - much to the delight of the bride who wears it! 

Kristin Hanson Rose Bud Pink Diamond Necklace


For the Bride: a beautiful “Something New” of the Old English tradition! @KristinHanson’s alluring pink diamond “Rose Bud” necklace is an exquisite good luck charm to be worn her special day - and the many happy ones in her new life ahead! 

WWAN(1) Krysta


For the Bridesmaids: bright “Krysta” jewels that radiate with @WWAN.1’s signature glow. WWAN(1) stands for “We Will Always Need” (pronounced as “One”), which perfectly mirrors how every bride feels about her dearest #girlfriends who are by her side at the alter and throughout life.



For the Groom: something “new” for him too, by way of @OrnellaIannuzzi! Infused with Ornella’s avant-garde style and inspired by the crystallization of beryl gemstones (i.e. emeralds), her strong, architectural Kristalik cufflinks have a striking personality that will serve him well on this day and every “A game” day forward.



Another jewel for the Bride involves what ancient Greeks associated with love, beauty and happiness in marriage: the Pearl! @RobertWanOfficiel's Zoja collection re-imagines these precious symbols in a spirited, modern way that enhances the unique, natural forms of Tahitian Pearls. ‘Zoja’ (pronounced Zoi-yah) means 'life', which is the perfect sentiment as a new journey begins and special memories are made!


Kindly email Melissa with interest in these jewels!