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Cynisca Loren Nicole

A Power Woman narrative celebrating Cynisca, ancient high status horse harness buckles (yes they were a thing), and a buckled up modern jewel from Loren Nicole.



Today we celebrate the brilliant #PowerWoman Cynisca or Kyneska, a Greek princess of Sparta born in 440 BC and the first woman in history to win at the Ancient Olympic Games by way of her four-horse Chariot Racing team. Throughout history, horses powered our lives and imagination.

An incredible place to learn more about the history of all things equestrian is The National Sporting Library & Museum - @NationalSportingLM. It preserves, promotes, and shares the literature, art, and culture of equestrian sports (and beyond).

Artist of painting unknown. 



Horses have jewelry too! Owning a horse was a mark of social distinction in ancient cultures - as was the craft of harnesses and other tack. These gold buckles and strap tabs are fine examples of granulation that were made in Byzantine workshops.

Made in 650 - 700 AD near the Northern Black Sea, these are among @TheMorganLibrary's incredible collection of Byzantine objects.

Given that our #PowerWoman Cynisca was a Spartan princess, I wonder how elaborate (or not) her harnesses and chariots would have been!?


A few of my favorite things are jewelry, history and horses... and @LorenNicoleJewelry's work is an awesome reflection of all of these!

Loren was lured from studying and conserving our ancient cultural treasures (literally from the trenches of Central and South America to The Met) to pursue a passion for metalsmithing. More specifically, learning those techniques of our ancient ancestors, which she translates into elegant, comfortable jewelry.

Throughout civilization, horses powered our lives and imagination. Loren honors this special connection with her exquisite horse hair jewels. I can just imagine our #PowerWoman Cynisca proudly wearing these as she races by in her four-horse chariot!

Customized tassels are also possible with your horse’s hair!

Loren is also making a difference in her community in California. Now through Monday, November 26th, she will be donating 20% of all online sales to benefit Los Angeles County Animal Care and Control and United Way Los Angeles Disaster Relief - to aid in helping families and animals affected by the wildfires this past week.

Kindly contact me with interest.