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Champagne Day

In observation of @ChampagneBureau's "Champagne Day" on Friday, October 20th, we believe #ChampagneBaubles are in order! Keep calm and sparkle all day long!

Champagne Day

In observation of @ChampagneBureau's "Champagne Day" on Friday, October 20th, we believe #ChampagneBaubles are in order! Keep calm and sparkle all day long!

Neha Dani Eldora flower earrings


Time to wake and bloom into the sparkling creative energy and power of the rare "Eldora" flower by @NehaDaniJewels. She is known for her layered, one-of-a-kind miniature sculptures inspired by the natural world and human emotions.

Ana De Costa Lotus Bud ring


Journey through the world of Ana De Costa and her curiosity about spirituality, travel and culture. @AnaDeCostaJewellery's glamorous Champagne Diamond Lotus Bud Ring from the Spiritual Henna Collection is inspired by the words of Mahatma Gandhi. ‘We must be the change we wish to see’.

Debra Navarro Stepping Stone bangle


Strong, modern, sexy, grounded. These words embody @DebraNavarro.Jewelry's relaxed, natural colored diamond jewelry set in Recycled Gold. This beautiful "Stepping Stone" hinged bangle is a Champagne Day staple - one might be enough, but two is better!

Daou Jewellery Spark Convertible Pendant


Award winning Dalia Daou's striking designs are informed by her physics background as well as her family's celebrated jewelry heritage. Beyond Champagne Diamonds, what makes this @DaouJewellery "Spark Convertible Pendant" spectacular is that the Spark can be flipped around and worn pointing up or down - especially effective wearing multiple Sparks together. 

Lorenz Baumer Heartbeat Champagne Diamond ring


@LorenzBäumer believes jewels have a soul and this Champagne Diamond ring absolutely embodies that and more. "Heartbeat" celebrates the wave of emotion, vibrations of love, and the rhythm of passion that sparkles.


Syna means "together" and their Champagne Diamond hoop earrings make the beautiful case why Champagne Bubbles and Champagne Baubles are an exceptionally perfect combination. Cheers @SynaJewels!


D'Joya Paul Klee Tree Nursery bracelet


Keep the Champagne free flowing with an array of Champagne Diamonds by @DJoyaStoriesInJewels! This bracelet dazzles in color, while paying homage to Paul Klee's striking Tree Nursery painting. History, beauty and art are blended into Niyati's one-of-a-kind masterpieces.

Makova Jewelry Champagne Bubble ring


@MakovaJewelry's Champagne Bubble ring is the quintessential Champagne Bauble! Makova's work playfully revolves around the notion that "Life's a Party" and her jewelry is often convertible, to be worn many ways. 

Kristin Hanson Ginko Champagne Diamond earrings


@KristinHanson is admired for her sparkling Colored Diamond jewels, inspired by organic as well as architectural forms. These Ginkgo Champagne Diamond earrings absolutely effervesce with array of color!

Ornella Iannuzzi Diamond Jubilee Necklace


What happens when high fashion, the avant-garde and Champagne Diamonds collide? @OrnellaIannuzzi's Diamond Jubilee Necklace. Her fascination for geology and mineralogy and exposing the fundamental beauty of nature’s architecture is why her work is so celebrated.

Robert Wan Tahitian Pearls and Champagne Diamond bracelet


Pearls are an excellent addition to the Champagne Bauble party! And we could not be in better company than with @RobertWanOfficiel's TahitianPearls, by way of the Zoja Collection. This sparkling bracelet blends this timeless, revered pearl with spirited, feminine modernity.

McCaul Goldsmiths' Curves Brown Diamond earrings


Beyond the sparkle of Champagne Diamonds, we can’t get enough of @McCaulGoldsmiths' signature CURVES - both of which are worth celebrating!

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