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Yellow Beryl and Tourmaline Torpedo Earrings

Yellow Beryl and Tourmaline Torpedo Earrings


Emerald is in the beryl family, alongside another richly hued stone, aquamarine. While the market prefers to classify “emerald” as exhibiting rich, dark greens to bluish-greens, light green and emerald’s “cousin”, yellow beryl can be incredibly enchanting. Loren Nicole’s sumptuous yellow beryl “torpedo” earrings are evidence of how alluring it can be!

The wonders of the ancient world inspire Loren's designs. Her career as an archeologist and conservator led her to study and create jewelry using the same techniques and materials that were used in antiquity. Get ready to feel “goddessy” wearing luscious cabochon cut stones set in high karat gold.

• 28.39 carat yellow beryl
• 4.05 carat peach tourmaline
• 22k sustainably sourced yellow gold

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What do Art History, Archeology and Science have in common? LorenNicoleJewelry!

Loren’s work radiates with warmth, happiness and will make you feel oh-so-goddessy (yes, it’s a thing). It evokes pure awe and wonder for our ancient cultures - a power that remains potent today!