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All The Brilliants is a community of niche jewelry designers and change makers - women creating meaningful change in the world.

I believe jewelry can be a reflection of what is of meaning and value to us, as it was for our ancient ancestors. With this in mind, I have curated thoughtfully designed jewelry that is one-of-a-kind or limited edition. Many of the designers incorporate jewelry “ingredients” that are ethically or sustainably sourced and are delighted to create bespoke jewelry that suits your wardrobe needs, aesthetic, and budget!

White Agate Elephant with Argyle Pink Diamond Eye

White Agate Elephant with Argyle Pink Diamond Eye


The body of this darling elephant is hand-carved white agate, an ethical alternative to ivory, with an eye that twinkles with an ethically and sustainably sourced Arygle Pink Diamond and rose gold tusks.

A percentage of proceeds benefit Mount Kenya Trust, an organization established to preserve and protect the forests of Mount Kenya from illegal human-induced activities that threaten its very existence. Given the recent tragic shifts in the regulation and transport of "trophies", supporting conservation efforts is more important than ever.

• 0.12 carat Argyle Pink Diamonds
• Hand carved white Agate
• 18k Rose Gold

NOTE: This charm is one-of-a-kind and sold without a chain

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Kristin Hanson is a designer with a deep range of dynamic work! Regardless if she is inspired by nature, architecture, pop art or raising awareness to worthy social causes, her craft honors classical European goldsmith techniques. 

Add to this, she shares her creative philosophies and expansive understanding of fine jewelry craft with other women who are emerging designers.

The topic of pink diamonds is a riveting (and vast) one. For this reason, my aim is to share a few facets specific to Argyle Pink Diamonds that may not be as well known - and surprise and delight!

Argyle Pink Diamonds from Australia have been awarded the @PositiveLuxury Butterfly Mark. This means that each certified diamond is sustainably and ethically sourced - protecting both people and resources.

In the current dialog of “natural versus lab grown” gemstones, one factor not often considered is a human one. Natural resources found in remote parts of the world are critical to those local economies and communities. Being conscious about what “ingredients” are in jewelry and choosing to support mining communities that follow ethical and sustainable practices (artisanal or industrial for any gemstone) enables meaningful and positive impact in the world.

Beyond being empowered to know what questions to ask when buying any gemstone, many brilliant designers are happy to create thoughtfully designed bespoke jewelry with materials that are as beautiful as they are ethically and sustainably sourced.

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