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Mini Two Tier Horse Hair Tassel Pendant

Mini Two Tier Horse Hair Tassel Pendant


Loren Nicole’s horse jewels exemplify their beauty and strength as well as the bond we share with these noble creatures. No other animal has impacted civilization or given us greater freedom than the horse - and her jewels honor this special connection.

The colors and texture of the hair is set off by the gorgeous glow of high carat gold.

Customized tassels are also possible with YOUR horse’s hair!

The wonders of the ancient world inspire Loren's designs. Her career as an archeologist and conservator led her to study and create jewelry using the same techniques and materials that were used in antiquity.

• horse hair
• leather chord (color of your choosing as shown) 
• 22k sustainably sourced yellow gold

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What do Art History, Archeology and Science have in common? LorenNicoleJewelry!

Loren’s work radiates warmth and familiarity, which mirrors the relationship between horse and rider. Our ancient bond with these majestic animals is powerful and her horse hair jewels honor that awesome connection.